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About Jovial Jay Media and Technology Studios

Save Time. Save Money, Simply Build Your Business.

Who Are We!

Jovial-Jay Media and Technology Studios is situated in the Kuils River area in Cape Town. We are passionate and excited about delivering a quality service to all our clients. We started Jovial Jay Media and Technolgy Studios to assist the average person who has started a business; or who has a small business running but need the IT aspect of the business to be set up or developed. Knowing the ever-growing demands of a business; not having sufficient staff and the resources to cover all aspects of the business needs, we know and understand the struggles are real.

Jovial Jay Media and Technology Studios covers a wide variety of services that help you set up your business with technology and media needs to become more productive and more relevant as a business. We guide you with various aspects of your business from Designing and Developing a Website and Landing Page, to IT Support such as setting up your emails or printers. We provide a technical service where we build, repair and upgrade PCs and Laptops based on your specifications. Whether it be gaming, office and home computers, we will deliver a top-class machine to meet your every need and specification.

We have also recently expanded our business. We have two new services we offer which are short filming and animation for marketing and advertising and the other is to teach youth and children coding.

Browse through our services page to get a more in-depth idea of all the services we offer.


Proudly South African

Our B-BBEE status is a Level 1 Contributor with 135% Procurement Recognition. As a woman-owned entity, I will assist in meeting the requirements to suit your business needs. I have a long-standing career in Engineering, Technology and Media. I am passionate and driven by my need to know more and do more. In Jovial Jay Media and Technology Studios I am extremely hands-on, client-focused and our objectives are simple. We will give you our undivided attention, exceptional creativity, effective service and yes; a more personal touch!