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Youth Development Projects

Code 4 Change

We have partnered with Pulse Legacy Production, a Non Profit Organisation, to reach underprivileged Youth and Children through Media and Technology. One of our goals is to teach computer science or coding in a fun and proactive way. Our target audiences are underprivileged and special needs youth and children. We are currently in the next phase of our programme, planning towards 2020 to train youth in underprivileged areas to code. We have had many challenges in 2019 and learnt to change certain aspects of working with the schools and youth we work with. Despite our challenges, We plan to reach more youth through coding in 2020. We would like to develop and educate youth about the opportunities that await them as they grow older. The more skilful they become the more understanding they will have to the future that awaits them.


We work with school children from 12 - 18 years old. We use an online programme that teaches children coding using animation to help them learn the fundamentals of coding. We work very closely with schools and their teachers, because the equipment used are by the actual school or the facility that needs or requests the training. If you need more information, please CONTACT US for the next step of the process. 


We aim to reach youth between 18 - 35 years old who has either dropped out of school or has finished school but struggling with finding employment. The goal is to teach a skill so that they can use it to build a small business to support their own families and irradicate unemployment. If you would like to find out more, please contact us on

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