Short Film 

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Short Film for Marketing, advertising or Documentries!

Great Ideas Turn Us On And  Sparks Creativity.

We will create a brilliant multimedia presentations that will captivate your audience, delivering your message persuasively. Our creative team of production experts combines the best in copywriting, scriptwriting, digital graphics, photography, videography, Animation, video editing, voice-overs and music, and much more to create attention-grabbing, riveting productions. Whether it’s TV advertising or radio commercials, online streaming media, HD 1080p video, or interactive social networking websites or viral marketing videos for your website, YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, our technical expertise will move your customers to act.

Six Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing


Video Boosts Conversions and Sales


Video Shows Great ROI


Video Builds Trust


 Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers


Video Marketing Can Explain Everything


Video Encourages Social Shares

Script Writing

 The Script portrays and market your company’s products and services by giving it direction.


 Much of the work involved in making a film is done at the stage of creating a Storyboard.

Camera Equipment

Quality Cameras and equipment are used to shoot the film. We have this all sorted out for you.

Edit the Film

Editing is very crucial as the raw footage may contain materials that are not relevant to the script or to the story you want to portray. 

The Team

We have an amazing, professional and young team that are eager to serve you. We are determined to assist you in your videography needs. 


There are some factors that determine the location of a film. They include the theme of the movie and the script. We are here to assist with this. 

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Quotation Process

Once you contact us we will be requesting a Scope or an idea of your film creation. We will set up a meeting to clarify details and could possibly give a rough estimation. Planning and Detailed costing are very important in order to save money and yet still ensure a quality product is delivered to you as the client.